Caring for Goggles Properly

Goggles or the best ski goggles serve to protect your eyes from various foreign object attacks that are often encountered when riding a dirt bike. Dust, sand, insects, gravel, trunks and trees are the things you most often encounter when crossing offroad terrain.

Like objects that have lenses, goggles are also susceptible to damage. Berets are the most common enemy in this object. Understandably, collisions with various foreign objects must be done along with it. Thin scratches on the outside of the goggles lenses are common, but try to keep the inside in top condition.

For that, we recommend not rubbing the inside of the lens. Use your finger, towel or other object to clean the lens or remove fogging. Rubbing the inside of the goggles lens hard will cause damage, scratches and even remove the anti-fogging layer which is located on the inside.

Once you’ve rinsed your goggles, the best thing to do is let them dry on their own. Do not place the goggles in a wet bag/bag or wrapped in a towel.