Common Types of Lighting

The choice of interior lighting is something that is often overlooked when decorating a room. Surely there are still many of you who put just makeshift lights. In fact, if the type of home lighting is chosen properly, the appearance of the room can look very different. Consideration of design, color, shape, and type of interior can have a good influence on the room of the house.

Will make the color of the interior decoration of the house more obvious,
Gives a warm feel and atmosphere in the room,
Provide affirmation of identity in each zone in the room in the house.

Before discussing the right type of home lighting for each room, you need to know first about the types of lighting that are commonly used.

General Lighting
General lighting or often referred to as general lighting is the main source of lighting in the house. This is a lamp placement design that is very commonly used by people for their homes. Interior lights with this type are located in the center of the room or points that are symmetrical and even. The purpose of using this general interior lamp is to make the entire room look very clear and comprehensive.

Special Lighting
Special lighting or often called task lighting is a type of placement of lights whose rays are focused on an area or place. The purpose of installing this type of lighting is to help you perform certain activities. These activities are usually to:

Also for making crafts.

Accent Light
This interior light is almost the same as task lighting, which is focused on a specific area. The goal is to bring different nuances through interesting visual forms. Accent lights are usually equipped with spotlights. This is done so that a strong light bias appears so that the light is focused on the intended object.