How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is a fun activity you can do with your kids. There are various ways that can be used to make colorful eggs without the need for traditional tools. Always boil eggs until cooked before decorating them. After boiling them for 10 minutes on the stove and letting them cool for a while, the eggs are ready to be decorated! Gather your equipment and get to work. You can get gifts for Easter on our website.

Boil eggs. Put the eggs in a pot of water. Turn on medium heat. Boil the eggs for about 15 minutes. Next, remove the eggs and let them cool. Fill the dye solution into the container. If you only colored one egg, just use a plastic cup (240 ml volume). However, for coloring multiple eggs, we recommend using a larger plastic container.
Soak the eggs for 5 minutes. Place the egg on a spoon and dip it into the dye solution. Flip the eggs so that they are all colored. Let the eggs soak for 5 minutes. Or, leave it longer if you want a darker color.

Making Sparkling Eggs
Real eggs are difficult to use this way because they break easily. So, the best choice is plastic eggs or eggs from paper pulp. Paint the eggs. You don’t have to paint the eggs if they are the same color as the glitter you are going to use. Apply Mod podge glue. Use a different sponge to apply a thick layer of Mod podge glue to the surface of the egg. Make sure the entire surface of the egg is coated with Mod podge. This step might make a mess, and your fingers will likely be coated with glue. Put the eggs in a plastic cup. Point the pointy part of the egg upwards. Pour the glitter over the eggs. Gently shake the plastic cup so that the powder coats the eggs. You can add more colored powder if necessary.