Easy Ways to Train Dogs

In raising a dog, there are at least two possibilities that are usually encountered by you as a pet dog owner at home. The first is training your puppy, where you can start acquainting him with his various commands and habits as early as possible. The second is to train your newly adopted adult dog, which of course requires special handling, especially if it has not been trained by the previous owner. Therefore, we will review some tips and ways to train dogs that you can do from an early age to make them smarter and more obedient. You can also get brain training for dogs.

Compared to other pets, such as cats, rabbits, and hamsters, dogs are equipped with high intelligence which makes them unique and close to humans. Then, at what age can a dog be trained? Puppies can be trained from 7-8 weeks of age to introduce names and some basic commands. As for other formal training, at least you can only do it after the puppy is approximately 6 months old. Starting can be done as early as possible, here are some dog training guidelines that you can do independently at home.

Apply the rules in the house
For dogs who live indoors, it is very important that you enforce the rules of which areas are allowed and not allowed to be visited by them. For example, dogs are allowed to play on the sofa in the family home, but they are not allowed to enter the bedroom because it contains many personal items. In addition, you also have to provide a special location as a place to rest. Don’t forget to provide a place to eat and drink that is always kept clean and available.

Introduce By Leash
Some types of dog breeds, such as the Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, and the like require outdoor activities to keep their health and body in prime condition. This activity can range from jogging to running which of course is also beneficial for you. To ensure the safety of your dog during outdoor activities, you can first introduce him to a leash so that he is always near you. If your dog starts trying to run away, call his name right away to come closer to you.