Tips to Choose a Sofabed

A sofa bed is one of the things that makes the use of a narrow space more effective. This sofa is suitable for those of you who live alone or who don’t have enough space to put a sofa and a bed at the same time. Even for those of you who live with your family, this sofa is still useful. You can use it as a lifesaver when there are guests staying overnight. Despite its simple shape, the sofa bed offers a variety of sizes like a bed, there are singles, semidouble, and even double. Sofa beds that are sold at high prices usually offer higher performance than ordinary sofa beds. However, you have nothing to lose to buy it because you will get a sofa and a bed at the same time in one product on

We recommend you to buy a sofa bed which, when positioned into a bed, has a minimum width of 80 cm. Products that are 80 cm wide can be used for naps. However, a sofa bed with a width of at least 90 cm will be more comfortable for an everyday bed. The key to choosing a sofa bed is to adjust it to the size of the room in your home.

Among the single sofa bed sizes, there are those that are sold in sizes 70-80 cm. Unfortunately, this size sofa bed is not suitable for sleeping. Products that are less than 80 cm wide can only be used as a regular sofa or just to take a nap. If you want to use a sofa bed instead of a bed, choose one that is 90 cm wide. This size is quite suitable for various sleeping styles. To be used as a sofa, the size of 90 cm is indeed a little bigger than an ordinary sofa.